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Job Description


PEG, LLC is in its twenty-fourth year being a diverse energy efficiency, engineering, environmental and management consulting firm operating principally in the Eastern and Central United States.

As a leader in Home Energy Ratings, a winner of multiple Energy Star Awards, and a standout in the construction industry, PEG has provided Home Energy Ratings for over 100,000 homes. We strive to continually improve building energy efficiency and therefore, the quality of homes and life in the communities that we service.



As the world develops and the green industry continues to grow, the demand for maximizing the benefits of energy usage in homes while minimizing cost and emissions also grows. As an analyst in PEG’s Building Energy Performance Programs Team, you fill a critical position that serves as the middleman in the home modeling/rating timeline, simplifying the data collected during a home’s detailed inspection. A Building Energy Performance Programs Analyst will work with various energy software to model energy usage of various building types, interpret various building energy documents, such as drawings and inspection reports, and create 3D models, to produce a comprehensive summary of the energy efficiency of a home.



Job Location:  This position is based in our main office in Fairfax, VA with the option of a hybrid remote/office work schedule after the completion of the employee's 90 Day Performance Review.


Essential Functions:

  • Provide a comprehensive summary of the energy efficiency of homes in multiple states by using energy modeling software
  • Understand and interpret components of Residential Construction that directly affect energy efficiency and building sustainability to successfully meet the requirements of Building Energy Performance Programs such as Home Energy Ratings (HERS), Energy Star, LEED, Green Building, and other Building Code Compliance Programs
  • Maintain a high attention to detail to ensure accurate data is being entered when analyzing data in inspection reports and/or blueprints collected through energy audits made by the Field Operations Department
  • Communicate any auditing areas to Management and provide options for resolution
  • Develop workarounds to overcome obstacles with the assistance of Management
  • Integrate, review, and validate critical relationships with primary parties
  • Receive and understand client constraints
  • Manage and control all data through Excel and SharePoint



  • Bachelor's Degree in Energy/Sustainability or related field is required
  • Must have prior experience in data entry, data analysis, or similar projects in a school or professional setting
  • Experience with energy efficiency programs such as Energy Star, LEED, and/or Green Building Programs is not required but is a PLUS
  • Experience with energy modeling software (such as Ekotrope, REMrate, Google Sketchup) is not required but is a PLUS
  • Earn While You Learn!  On the Job Training will be provided and is required for this position.
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