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"I was not having much success with matching my diverse administrative background to various online job boards. I reviewed the resources iHireAdmin has and was able to tailor my skills and experience to a more tailored position. Within a week, I was hired. I want to thank iHireAdmin for your valuable resources."

Sebastian A.

Chesapeake, VA
"iHireAdmin had a lot of of prospects and they knew exactly what type of work I was looking for."

Ashley J.

Dallas, TX
"I found a position on iHireAdmin for a Senior Executive Secretary to support the Chief of liver transplants, Dr. R. Mark Ghobrial, at Methodist Hospital in Houston, TX. I owe iHireAdmin much credit for me landing this amazing position. I have always dreamed of working in a field helping others and now I am living that dream! My favorite feature on iHireAdmin after becoming a Premium Member was the iScore. This not only helped me match jobs to my past experience on my resume but also helped me gain confidence in what I was applying for. Thank you again iHireAdmin for helping me attain my dream career!"

Analisa L.

Houston, TX
"I am pleased with this web-site and I would keep using it again. I have told friends and family about it, and they are using it too."

Melissa A.

"It only took a few weeks using iHire to find my dream job. The iMatch is awesome. I submitted 12 applications, got 4 interviews and 2 offers. Premium access was worth the $$"

Ginger K.

Columbus, OH
"Through Ihire, I became aware of how I was presented through my resume. "

Lynnette A.

Waldorf, MD
"I liked the scoring that allowed me to correct my resume to reflect what the need was. I had the skills, but may not always have been worded to way the employers may have wanted to see it."

Angela S.

Twin Falls, ID
"It was a wonderful service that I would use again if needed. I found the most job to interview for through iHire. Thank you for your time and patience in finding me jobs to apply for. I really appreciated it. Patricia Fogle"

Patricia F.

Plano, TX
"I start my new job on Tuesday. I was off work less than 2 months. IHireAdmin was one of the main Job search engines that I was subcribed. They really help streamline what jobs to review and apply for."

Mary M.

Hollister, CA
"This service helped provide leads for jobs."

Stephanie K.

Saint Louis, MO
"A few days after signing up for a membership with iHireAdmin, a recruiter contacted me about a temporary employment opportunity. Tomorrow is my first day at work for orientation and training. "

Veronica Z.

Alexandria, VA
"They had a lot of jobs to choose from and they always emailed me when new jobs that fit my criteria became available. I would definitely use the site again."

Melody S.

"I got a job at FedEx"

William D.

Deming, NM
"iHireAdmin, when I found this online career search website, is amazing! So many more jobs and opportunities for employment were being found and sent to my inbox for my review than any other service/program. Fortunately, I have recently (as of 08/16/16) found full-time employment once more. However, if I find that I need to be on the job hunting path again, I will utilize iHireAdmin again."

Shari L.

Georgetown, KY
"It was easy signing up and posting my resume. Then I could manage the frequency of email responses and it was easy to apply for jobs through iHire."

Debbie G.

Dallas, TX
"I was able to secure a part-time job that I found listed on your site that was not on any other site I was looking at. "

Katrina M.

Ronks, PA
"I loved the use of it very informing on all the potential employers out there. "

Rosa L.

Moreno Valley, CA
"It's amazing to me how quickly it happened. I got the trial upgrade for $1 this morning and within two hours I had a job. I'm still amazed!"

"I truly believe I would still be searching endlessly online if I had to do it on my own. Your assistance in only sending me searches I was interested in tremendously helped eliminate my searching all the available jobs that did not pertain to my interests. Again, thank you so much for all your assistance and suggestions."

Cynthia D.

Country Club Hills, IL
"iHire helped me keep track of where I applied so when I was being interviewed it was easy to retrieve the job description so I was knowledgeable before the meeting."

Annie F.

Frederick, MD
"Gave me places to apply"

Brandon N.

Ripon, CA
"It's a good site and would recommend it to others."

Jacqueline W.

Bradenton, FL
"I know you had exciting job prospects. But I will see how this job goes. Working for a Doctor in an office on the upper West side. Gaining a lot of knowledge. Thanks very much"

Yolanda N.

Bronx, NY
"Searching for a job in the UP of Michigan that fit my skill set was difficult. When I discovered iHireAdmin my frustration with finding a job subsided. I could now easily find jobs and didn't have to sort through irrelevant ones. I highly recommend this site!"


Dunbar, WI
"iHireAdmin was a great service and gave me lots of notices of job openings in my area. Thank you!!"


Davenport, IA
"After 4 months of searching for the right job, I found it! Three weeks after I interviewed with them, I was given an offer."

Frank L.

Lawrenceville, GA
"The site was definitely thorough and very helpful and diligent in seeking out the appropriate jobs for me and for that I am greatfull. Thank you so much! "

Julie H.

Somerset, KY
"You have been a great help to me in finding an absolutely ideal job. I cannot thank "iHireSecretarial" enough! Your service introduced me to a company whose business fit my skills to a "T!""

Jacqueline D.

San Diego, CA
"By using the information gleaned from IHIRE, I have started my own business! I can't tell you how GOOD I feel about discovering the talents I didin't realize I had by reading feedback provided by IHIRE! If you are an independent thinker and a driven individual who does not like contraints of time (you might get an idea in the middle of the night, etc...) think about TAKING THE LEAP and starting your own business. There is no "package" or "system" you can buy - you just have to have the drive, skill, and know-how. The person you have to please is YOURSELF. The rest will follow! Thanks IHIRE!!"

Jil C.

Trussville, AL
"iHire Admin enabled me to execute a focused, organized job search. And it worked!"

Julie R.

Franklin, TN
"Made me refocus my job search to positions that compliment my strengths."

Christine W.

Camarillo, CA
"Your links are amazing and great for quick apply. I was able to attain an amazing opportunity through an agency who received my resume and received a couple of interviews and job opportunities."

Raymy V.

New York, NY
"Your service is wonderful! I received over 20 phone calls today. I also have appointments set up with Kelly Services and Donavan and Watkins next week. I will be sure to let you know when I find "that" job! "

Barbara F.

Colorado Springs, CO
"iHireAdmin, when I found this online career search website, is amazing! So many more jobs and opportunities for employment were being found and sent to my inbox for my review than any other service/program. Fortunately, I have recently (as of 08/16/16) found full-time employment once more. However, if I find that I need to be on the job hunting path again, I will utilize iHireAdmin again."

Shari L.

Georgetown, KY
"Excellent selection of employers looking for employees. I found a job the day after I thought I needed your services- woohooo! thank you for being there for me, even if it were a short time!"

Rhonda N.

Linn, MO
"I have a full time job, thanks to the help of iHire for my resume."

Janice J.

Pollock Pines, CA
"Thank you so much. My phones have not stop ringing since Monday. I cannot believe how many people have called me in the past two days. I have already gone on one interview and I have another one scheduled in the next few days. It's nice to know that all of my hard work hasn't gone unnoticed. Thank you, iHireAdmin, for putting my name and qualifications out there. "

LaTonya S.

Long Beach, CA
"Very grateful for this site! After months and months of looking for a job I finally with the help of their site landed a better paying full time!"

Samantha S.

Skokie, IL
"I have been on your site for a few weeks and interviewed and was hired on the spot! The best part was the the position was just 5 blocks from my house! Thanks for the connection!"

Susan E.

Vienna, VA
"Has given a broader search for career opportunities. Great Site! Great job suggestions. Overall satisfaction was great. Thank you. "

Melanie B.

Tully, NY
"I found a job. I thank you for your services, you have been very resourceful."

Raquel L.

"I did find good jobs to apply for with iHireAdmin. I even went out for an interview."

Basehor, KS
"Thank you for helping me find my perfect job. I was hired from an employer that used your service and now I am working at a position I can only dream about."

Julie G.

"Wanted to let you know that after 1 day after submission I started to receive calls from employers. The very first call I received was interviewed and hired within 7 days. This is a remarkable site and I can't thank you enough. I had been out of work for approximately 3 weeks and after visiting other sites with little activity, I am just amazed as to how fast things would happen. Thanks again!!!"

Darlene P.

Hastings, FL
"Thank you for the emails and keeping me up to date on what is going on and fresh jobs that are available. I was blessed enough to get hired on with a very good company."

Karen H.

"IHire was very helpful to me by identifying the many jobs available each week. It made it easy to see if I qualified and the application process was stress free. Thank you very much. Dorothea"

Dorothea H.

Pittsburgh, PA
"It has expanded my search for jobs "

Shayla M.

San Marcos, TX
"The job that I was recently hired to perform was offered a few months ago and I responded but was never contacted. Last Wednesday the same job was offered again. I immediately responded. The employer contacted me, asked me to come in for an interview Thursday morning, and called me back Thursday afternoon to ask me if I wanted to start on Monday. I travel less that 6 miles to my new job, dress very casually (flip-flops and jeans) and the employers are very nice. The girl that is training me is very patient, as it is a very busy business. I am having a slightly difficult time learning their business, but I am very confident that in a few weeks time, I will have it all under control. Thank you so much."

Laura F.

Ontario, CA
"I been on your system for 24 hours and I have gotten over 20 calls for one day, 7 interviews in one week, and 9 interviews next week. I never felt so important, I like this system and it sure works for me. If you never tried it, try it, it works. Thank-you i-hire-secretarial your the best."

Ava N.

"iHireAdmin provided me the tools I needed to find the perfect job within my community! Thank you so much!"

Lauren N.

Anderson, SC
"....Wow, thank you! It's only been half a day since you sent my information to potential employers. I've already received four (4) phone calls regarding positions which meet my employment expectations....."

Lori D.

Sacramento, CA