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Softcase Inc. is an international consulting service provider for Information Technology & Enterprise Management Systems. Consulting services are provided for various requirements including Project Management, Quality Management, Programming and Development Services.

Softcase, Inc. provides a complete solution to its customers including project management for enterprise systems development and maintenance. Softcase, Inc. provides software development and consulting services for various requirements in information technology industry. We have achieved major success in providing our clients total quality systems at affordable budgets. Several clients have enjoyed a cut in their project costs (up to 66%) by developing the first cut of the application in our offshore center and implementing the system on site.

Softcase, Inc. and it’s off shore development center have joined hands to provide state of the art Internet consulting services. These facilities would range from remote portal management to onsite consulting services. This initiative would provide a cost effective mean for startup companies to make their presence on the World Wide Web. Softcase has also partnered with BEA Weblogic systems to provide applications compliant with J2EE specifications using Enterprise Java Beans and Weblogic Application Server. J2EE solutions offer scalability, availability, maintainability and Portability.

Softcase, Inc. would provide customized Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) to its clients, which are platform independent and can be deployed in any application server architecture. Softcase would also help its customers integrate their legacy applications with the latest J2EE application architecture. Softcase, Inc. also provides Internet Technology services using Active Server Pages (ASP), Cold Fusion, Visual Basic components, Java Scripting and VB Scripting.

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